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Buy Reliable Hardware & Accessories in Brantford

Once the structural modifications have been performed, it's time to choose the hardware and accessories that will pull the look together and create your well-organized dream kitchen. At Brantford Woodwork Ltd, based in Brantford, we bring everything you need to open and shut your cabinets with ease, keep your drawers clean and tidy, and even store items like garbage and recycle off-site. Our expertise in the area of renovations has given us an insight into the wide range of hardware and accessories that modern homes incorporate. Place your trust in us and our team of skilled home designers will ensure you’re left feeling happy and satisfied.

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Our comprehensive range of knobs and handles has been selected to complement our complete line of cabinets, offering the final touch to build the desired personalized look. Whether your tastes are decorative and ornate, or modern and functional, we've got options that will surely suit your style.

Kitchen Accessories

Custom designs will add convenience to your life, making your kitchen easier to use. Our consultant will work with you to decide which options are best suited to your needs. If you want to keep waste and recycling separated and out of sight, then we have got pull-out shelves. We've got the cabinet organizers if you want a designated place for everything. Door-mounted organizers and cabinet organizers are also available if you're looking for quick access to cleaning supplies. It's all about making the kitchen work for you.

Bathroom Products & Accessories

Bathrooms are one of the smallest spaces in a home, but that doesn't mean they can't be of impressive quality. Brantford Woodwork Ltd can help you improve with a new backsplash, new tiles and under-mount sinks. Request your design consultant for more information on how to transform your bathroom into an amazing one.

We’re Ready to Help!

Get ready to bring your dream kitchen or bathroom to life.

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